Lester Wiggins graduated from the Independant Electrical Contractors Apprentice

program in 1980 and never looked back.  He took the Georgia Electrical Contractors

Unrestricted examine in that same year and received his Georgia State License.  Since

then Lester has obtained licenses in 7 other states.  In 1986, he became an inspector for

the City of Savannah and was promoted to senior electrical inspector in less than 2

years.  Lester is a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors

(IAEI), was elected Georgia Chapter Chairman where he served 2 consecutive terms and

was elected to Southern Section President in 2000, carrying 11 states.  Lester Wiggins

currently teaches Photovoltaic (Solar Energy) classes and handles all of the design and

cosulting aspects of building Solar Arrays for Rushing Electric.  Lester Wiggins has been

affiliated with Rushing Electric for over 12 years.  Lester and Tom Rushing are currently

working together in trying to bring Clean/Affordable Energy to Savannah, Ga.  

Design / Installation

While Tom and Tommy Rushing  studied Photovoltaics in Traverse City,

Michigan, Lester enrolled in the Florida Solar Energy Institute (a research

institute for the University of Florida) out of Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Together,

Rushing and Wiggins are more than qualified to provide the customer with any

type of solar array.  Wiggins is currently in charge of seeing that his solar design

will best fit the customers expectations.  Lester and Tommy II both head up the


Turner's Solar Array  -  10,000 watts (10 Kwh)    44 panels / 22 microinverters
Rushing Electric Co. Inc. teams up with Solar Source of Georgia to put together this beautiful 10Kwh Solar Array.